Our world is still a brighter place

After the heavy loss to Chelsea, we are still in 7th place, with 14 points collected from 9 games. This is the least number of points we have collected from  9 games in a couple of years. We fared really bad in our game against  Chelsea, we were really poor defensively and we lacked intensity or a clear attacking vision. Our defenders were more of static robots, beginning with Smalling who hesitated in dealing with a long ball allowing Pedro to nip in and round Degea, and from there we never recovered. We failed to defend a set-piece and the unmarked Cahill lashed in Chelsea ‘s second. Again our static defenders allowed Hazard and then Kante to skip into space and score after the break. We really made serious defensive mistakes, and we suffered the consequences . As United fans , we do not have to lose heart though, our team is going to rise again. One good thing is right now we have come out of a period of tough games and we are going into a spell where our fixtures look a lot more winnable, even our great coach said that himself. Our next four premier league games are as follows;  Burnely on  29 October, Swansea on 6 November, Arsenal on 19 November, and Westham on 27 October. The next few weeks are an important time for us, because you don’t win the league by beating the teams around you , you win it by beating everyone else. So l believe , we have to be more ruthless in our fixtures to come, because draws are not enough, we have to win. The only tough opponent in the coming fixtures will be Arsenal, but even if we manage to win three of those games l have mentioned , our world will be a brighter place. Truly speaking we have to make up the ground we have lost to contest for the title , and that is achievable because we are only six points off the top of the table and we have already seen that things can change very quickly in the title race, so Man United fans lets rally behind our great club we can still win the league.

What’s next ?


Next comes the not so small matter of derby match, we are hosting City at Old Traford in the EFL Cup fourth round tomorrow night. That’s going to be a tough match for us as well, since we have succumbed to City’s attacking prowess of late. Hopefully we are going to bounce back from that humiliation at Stamford. The EFL cup usually provides top teams like United and City to rest some of their key starters but this week ‘s clash is no ordinary match. Both Mourinho and Guardiola will have some tough choices to make on Wednesday when it comes to team selection considering that Uefa champions league and Uefa Europa are on the horizon, giving some players a chance to rest may not be a bad idea.

As reported by Ciaran Kelly, Alexandra Portar and Samuel Luckhurst of the Manchester Evening News, Eric Bailly is a major doubt for us , as he picked up a knock at Stamford. Per the Manchester Evening News, Stuart Brennan, City are also likely to be without a keyplayer, as De Bruyne was spotted limping after the draw against Southampton, he was replaced at half-time.

Losing the local derby will be a blow for either manager , with both finding themselves in tough situations entering the match. To us fans we really like our team to win this game at all costs, and we are behind them no matter the situation.


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Yours in football



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