Will Jose Mourinho lead United to a top four finish ?

Whether or not , Jose will lead United to  a top finish remains a mystery . We just have to wait and see. From my own point of view l think Jose is the right man for the job, but what buffles me is the fact that our team is struggling to make the much expected impact in the premier league at the moment. What is  really wrong , what went wrong?  Lets just take a close look at our previous game with Burnely.

29 October 2016 : Man United vs Burnely 0-0

United played a goalless draw with Burnely over the weekend. Here are the stats for the match.

Shots 37-7

Pass accuracy 89%- 70%

Chances created 29-6

Possession 63%-37%

Man United registered a whooping 37 shots at goal on Saturday, the most attempts United have made since Opta records began. This is also the most attempts without scoring in a premier league match since January 2014.  18 of those shots were blocked so it means only 19 of these shots actually got as far as goal and only 11 of those hit the target. Of those 37 shots Zlatan had 12 shots the most of any player in a PL match this season. In this game United also forced an astronomical 19 corners . The most daunting fact is that from all these incredible stats we did not manage to find the net. Our failure to win with such stats shows that something is wrong.One more worrying stat is that United have missed more big chances this season than any other P/L team , we have made a mess of 16 sitters , three more than any other side in the top flight.

On the other hand l can confidently say Zlatan ‘s form has dipped so much, look at his stats for the last six premier league games:

540 minutes played

35 shots

0 goals

0 assists

l think this is his worst form since December 2007 at Inter Milan.



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