Zlatan – Deserves to be benched or not?

Does Zlatan deserves to be benched in our coming matches?  Personally l would say yes. If you would dare to consider his stats as a forward for the past six premiership games you may agree with me, take a look at the following stats ;

540 minutes played

35 shots

0 goals

0 assists

The above are Zlatan ‘s stats, they really show that his form is dipped, he is really out of form at the moment. Take for instance the Burnely game, he made 12 shots but couldn’t get the net. Quite notable in that game, he wasted a glorious chance from a superb Pogba pass. His eye for the goal is undoubtedly getting diminished, no longer have those fast legs and pace. Sometimes making awful touches and blind passes. Maybe l am missing the point, come on Man United fans , what’s your take on this issue ?

I would highly appreciate your views and comments.

Yours in football



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