Throwback – Did you know?

Did you know?

Manchester United Football Club started life as Newton Heath, a team founded by workers from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in 1878. They won the first of their seven first division titles in 1908 .With an FA Cup the following year and another title two years later, Manchester United were firmly establishing themselves as a force in English Football.

Test your knowledge here :

  1. Who surpassed Sir Alexander Matthew “Matt Busby” ‘s managerial records and longevity at the helm of Manchester United ?
  2. Which teams did Busby played for before going into management ?
  3. Who built the famous Busby Babes team ?
  4. How long did Busby manage United and how many trophies did he won?
  5. How did Sir Busby ‘s team picked the affectionate nickname ‘Busby Babes’ ?
  6. What tragedy befell the Busby Babes in February 1958 ?
  7. There is a guy who survived the 1958 disaster among others, who is now regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of all time, who is he ?



Yours in football



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