United can still finish in top four.

With 14 games played right now United is sitting on 6th place on the log with 24 games to go. Will our great club still finish in top four and qualify for the champions league next season ? From the 14 games we played , 7 were away games and 7 we were at home. We won 5  games , 2 at home and 3 away , we drew 6, 4 at home and 2 away, we lost 3, 2 away and 1 at home. From those 14 games we scored 19 goals 10 at home and 9 away. We conceded 16 goals, 6 at home and 10 away. We have 4 clean sheets so far, 2 at home and 2 away. So far we have failed to score in 3 games 1 at home and 2 away.

From the statistics above one could conclude that we have not done so good yet. What are the reasons why we have not done  so good ? Is there room for improvement anytime soon, and where exactly do we need to improve ?

Personally l believe we have displayed some quality football under Mourinho than in the past 2 or 3 years. We have shown some attacking instincts in many of the matches we have played so far. Unfortunately we are not taking our chances nicely in many of the games , there are games where we are getting results we do not deserve considering our play. For instance in the game we drew with Burnely, we registered 38 shots, 11 of those on target , with 2 clear cut chances among those and 19 corners on top of that but ultimately the game ended 0 – 0. With those kind of stats, there is no doubt the team is playing attacking football and in some games we have drawn, we were even supposed to win with big margins because we have been the better team in such games.

Coming back to the goals we have conceded so far one can tell that our defence is having shortcomings at times.

So all in all what l can say is our style of play is good, the problem is our poor finishing many of the times and of course our defensive shortcomings . If we could improve our finishing we would start winning matches. All have been said l strongly believe that we can still secure a top 4 spot by the end of the season and the champions league spot as well, we do have the quality to attain this, we just have to make some adjustments and be a well oiled machine again. All we need to do is to beef up the departments which are a bit lacking in this coming transfer window and all will be smooth again.

United we are, united we STAND. GGMU!!!



Your comments are welcome guys, thank you in advance.

Yours in football



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