Palace 1-2 United ; A great sigh of relief but yet controversial

Our game against Palace turned out to be controversial. Some feel the game was marred  by contentious decisions, questionable calls and arguable moments.  When Mata sent in a free kick that Zlatan attempted to chest into Pogba ‘s path, the ball came off his arm so it is argued that it was supposed to be a handball and then a free kick in favour of Palace. It is said even then Pogba was offside but was allowed to carry on to sweep the ball past the goalkeeper so our first goal should not have stood.

Again , others are of the view that Rojo should have been sent off following his reckless two- footed  foul against Zaha they feel that could have changed things. Moreover some say before he set up Zlatan for the second goal, Pogba might have been given a second yellow for a dive and again that could have changed things .

I am not debating on this anyway but l feel decisions evened themselves out,  United should have had a penalty when a corner clearly came  off Ledley ‘s elbow as he challenged for the ball.The appeals were waved away. Then Mata scored from Rojo ‘s knockdown but it was ruled out for offside, to me the decision looked like a mistake.So to me , probably we just deserved to win, but Palace will argue that the decisions that went against them preceded all that and would have made a difference. Anyway that what makes football , the most beautiful game, it is also characterised by mistakes in judgement.

We have now gone 9 games unbeaten, although it was such a sigh of relief to escape another frustrating draw. Mind you at this moment every game is a must win to us so that we can gain  ground on the top four. Believe me guys our team is gathering momentum and this is happening progressively, and personally l can see flashes of light. Its also interesting to note that it seems we are beginning to reap a dividend from our two high profile big name summer signings, Zlatan and Pogba.

Our overall match statistics in that Palace game are also quite positive, 16 shots versus 6. It clearly shows we were in control of the game, so guys we have every reason to have hope that anything is attainable this season, lets not limit ourselves by not believing, only the sky is the limit.

‘To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe ‘


Yours in football



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