Peter Schmeichel : Best ever goalkeeper in history in my opinion.

Schmeichel is most remembered for his most successful years at Manchester United whom he captained to the 1999 Uefa Champions league to complete the treble. Interesting, this guy was also famous for his intimidating physique [ he is 1.91m ] tall and weighed nearly 105 kg during his playing days and wore specially made size XXXL football shirts. He was quite a fierce competitor, was big for a good cause indeed. Unusual for a goalkeeper he scored 11 goals in his career, one for the national team.

Manchester United signed Schmeichel  on August 6 1991  for 505 000 pounds a price described in 2000 by Ferguson as a bargain of the century because by then he was relatively unknown outside Denmark. He played 8 years in a United shirt winning 5 premier league titles, 3 FA cups, 1 League Cup and the Uefa champions league. In 1992-93 season 22 clean sheets from Schmeichel helped United win the Premier league championship the first time in 26 years and was named the World Best Goalkeeper in 1993. Despite being a goalkeeper , he would run into the attack on corner kicks if his team was behind and he scored a goal in this fashion for United in a 1995 Uefa cup match.

He ended his career on the highest note when United won the treble. In an unforgetable celebratory moment Schmeichel was shown cartwheeling gleefully in his area after Solskjaer’s winning goal against Bayern in the Uefa champions league final of 1999. With his departure United had a trouble finding a replacement for him.


What a great shot stopper he was, absolutely magnificent. Not even a missile could get past him, if Messi faced Schmeichel today he would look as an amateur striker, way better than an player in the world, a goalie that scored from play.

I just felt obliged to reflect on this legendary goalkeeper, a great legend of Manchester United among many others, these guys made United big in the footballing world . They deserve our appreciation.



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