How good are Manchester United’s chances of winning the Premier league this season – 2016/2017 ?

Does United have any chance of winning the League this season or finishing in the top four? The so-called Sky Sports Premier League Predictor has revealed that we have one percent chance of winning the premier league and 14% probability of reaching the top four and we are more likely to be relegated. Its funny really , a big joke of the century. That predictor thing is a lost cause, absolutely nonsense.


This premier league season of 2016/2017, to me is one of the most competitive in the history of the league. As it stands there is a 10 point difference between the team sitting on top of the log and the team sixth on the log with the other four crowded in the midst. Its really a rat race, dog eat dog situation. United are 10 points behind leaders Chelsea, 5 points behind second placed Liverpool and 2 points behind 4th placed Arsenal. Tottenham and City are 3 points ahead of us respectively. So do we have any chances of finishing in top four or winning the title ?

Take a look on our next 7 fixtures in the Premier league :

United vs Liverpool

Stoke City vs United

United vs Hull

Leicester vs United

United vs Watford

City vs United

United vs Bournemouth

From the fixture list above its clear that we still have a mountain to climb, Liverpool and City undoubtedly  will be tough opponents and playing Stoke and Leicester away won’t be easy as well. But with our current form l strongly believe that we shall prevail no matter the circumstances. Currently we have gained a lot of momentum. If we could manage to go past Liverpool for instance that could be a big bonus for us considering that  our opponents are facing tough tests as well in that very week.

Tottenham will face West Brom , that wont be easy as you know their current form is good and are sitting 8th on the log so anything can happen in that fixture. Arsenal will be facing Swansea away , who are facing the pressure of relegation , it wont be easy therefore. City are facing a tough test away to Everton who are also on top of their game. Then lastly Chelsea are being hosted by Leicester who  stun the giants sometimes.

In a nutshell , lam of the view that the big Manchester United can still contest for the title, as for top four finish no doubt to me, we gonna attain it, woe to City, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Yours in football








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