A visit to Liechtenstein

It is one of the smallest countries in the world, situated in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. Over the centuries Celts, Rhaetians, Romans and Alemanni have lived in this region. Today about two thirds of  Liechtenstein’s population are descendants of the Alemanni tribe , which settled in this region about 1500 years ago. It’s population is 37 000 and religion is primarily Roman Catholic.

German is the official language of Liechtenstein although local dialects vary from village to village. Journeying through the country offers visitors views of snow – covered mountains , green valleys, vineyards, and a variety of vegetation. For example , in this alpine microstate can be found nearly 50 types of wild orchids. Liechtenstein also has museums , theaters and wineries. Thus in summer and winter alike , tourists come to visit.

It is one of the destinations you may think of visiting , it would be a good move.

Good health to you



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