Expressions of appreciation: How vital are they in a marriage ?

Expressions of appreciation are vital to a successful marriage.  Many husbands and wives , however stop noticing their partner’s good traits, much less expressing appreciation for them. In the book Emotional Infidelity, one counselor observes that many couples who see him are much more concerned with what is not happening in their marriage than with what is. So how can expressions of appreciation help in a marriage?

  1. It can offset marital stress – When a husband and wife make an effort to notice and acknowledge each other’s good qualities , their relationship typically improves. Even severe tension can be alleviated when spouses feel appreciated by each other. In contrast when a spouse feels taken for granted , it can threaten the very integrity of a marriage, because when you don’t feel appreciated by your spouse , it’s easy to be drawn to someone who does make you feel appreciated.

Here are a few tips couples can use:

  1. Be observant – Try to notice positive traits that your spouse displays, watch for things that he or she does to keep your household running smoothly, things that until now you have taken for granted. So make it a goal to notice and be grateful for all the efforts  – both large and small – that your spouse makes for the benefit of your family.
  2. Give praise generously – Express appreciation for the things done by your spouse, it will make him or her to work harder to be a better husband or wife and to increase the effort he or she put into the marriage.

Husbands and wives who express appreciation for each other strengthen their relationships and their relationships would be saved because when problems arise , they would be less inclined to end the marriage, because they have constantly been reminded of what a good thing they have.

Hopefully you will find this article helpful in your personal life and marriage. Don’t miss out on my next articles on relationships and more.

Good health to you



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