Homosexuality : What doe the Bible say ?

Gay marriage is still under debate in many countries. In the United States , however , in 2015 the Supreme Court declared gay marriage to be legal nation wide.

Does the Bible condemns homosexuality acts ?

Does the Bible promotes homophobia ? [ a hatred of or prejudice toward homosexuals]

The Bible says : ” Men who practice homosexuality will not inherit God’s kingdom”.[1 Corinthians 6 :9,10] The same applies to women.

The Bible teaches that sex should be engaged in only by a male and a female who are married to each other – Genesis 1 : 27 ,28 ; Proverbs 5 :18 , 19

Although the Bible condemns homosexual acts , it does not encourage prejudice , hate crimes, or any other kind of mistreatment of homosexuals – Romans 12 : 18

What’s your take on this subject?

Your views and comments are highly welcome.

Good health to you




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