Places around the world: Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is nestled in Central Asia and is bordered by Kazkhstan , Uzbekistan , Tajikistan, and China. Mountains cover nearly 90 % of the country. It boasts the  highest point of  the Tian Shan Mountain range , which is 7439 m above sea level.

Forest cover about 4 % of the landmass of the country. It is noteworthy that one of the planet’s largest natural growth walnut forest is found in Kyrgyzstan. Hospitality and respect are well known traits of the Kyrgyz people. The population of the country is 5 776 000 , languages used are Kirghiz and Russian and the religion is mainly Islam. Exports are cotton , wool, gold , mercury and uranium. It is also home to snow leopards, lynx and sheep.

Some of the nicer places to visit in Kyrgyzstan are Ala Archa National Park – where you will find rivers, glaciers and natural reserves, Osh Bazaar, Burana Tower – archaeological site and architecture, Altyn Arashan – where you will find hot spring, hiking backpacking and canyon , State History Museum and Panfilov Park.

See you there hey.

Good health to you.



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