Why you should quit smoking tobacco today !

Facts on smoking :

  • It killed 100 000 000 people during the last century
  • It takes about 6 000 000 lives a year
  • On average it kills one person every six seconds

Smoking is a relentless killer and there is no sign of a turnaround. Authorities estimate that if current trends persist, by 2030, the annual death toll from smoking will climb to more than 8 000 000. And they predict that smoking will have taken 1 000 000 000 lives by end of the 21st century. Tobacco victims are not just the smokers but include the surviving family members, who suffer emotional and financial loss, as well as the 600 000 nonsmokers who die each year from breathing secondhand smoke. The burden spreads to everyone in the form of rising health-care costs.

Tobacco contains one of the most addictive drugs known – nicotine. It acts as a stimulant as well as depressant. Smoking delivers nicotine to the brain quickly and repeatedly . Since each puff supplies a single dose of nicotine, the average one pack per day smoker inhales the equivalent of about 200 doses a day , higher dosage than in any other drug use. Once hooked a smoker experiences withdrawal symptoms if his craving for nicotine is not satisfied.

Smoking cigarettes has been scientifically proven to harm nearly every organ in the body and to increase morbidity and mortality as outlined by the Tobacco Atlas. It causes noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease , lung ailments and according to  the World Health Organisation, smoking is also a major cause of  death from communicable diseases , such as tuberculosis. Think about it, would you have the courage to take a rope and tie yourself, l think you wouldn’t , but l think there is no much difference with smoking either.

Exhaled smoke that comes from smoldering tobacco are toxic. Inhaling such secondhand smoke can cause cancer and other diseases and each year it kills 600 000 nonsmokers, mostly women and children.So if you are really concerned with the welfare of others will you not think twice  on quitting smoking?

Unlike epidemics that send doctors racing to discover a cure, this scourge is eminently curable, the solution is well known. The tobacco epidemic is an entirely man-made and it can be turned around . If you would seriously want to quit the habit of smoking tobacco , l would advise you to check and go through one of my articles titled, Breaking a bad habit.

Wish you the best in fighting this global epidemic and raging pandemic.

Good health to you



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