The marvels of creation : A visit to Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park is a Tanzanian national park in the Serengeti ecosystem in the Mara and Simiyu regions. It is famous for it’s migration of over 1.5 million white-bearded wildebeest and more than 250 000 zebras and its numerous Nile crocodiles. It is Tanzania’s oldest national park and remains the flagship of the country’s tourism industry. It has over 2500 lions and more than 1 million wildebeest. The park covers 14 750 square kilometres of grassland plains.

The park is worldwide known for it’s scenery and magnificent wildlife.Some of the most popular animals include :

  • Masai lion : Serengeti is believed to hold the largest population of lions in Africa due in part to the abundance of prey species. More than 3000 lions live in this ecosystem.
  • African leopard : Commonly seen in the Seronera region but are present throughout the park with the population approximately around 1000.
  • African cheetah : It is estimated that they are over 1000 in the park
  • African bush elephant : Estimated to be numbering over 5000.
  • Eastern black rhinoceros : mainly found around the kopjes in the centre of the park.
  • African Buffalo : Still abundant and present in healthy numbers.
  • Serengeti Wildebeest : The park is home to the spectacular migratory events. The population of migratory wildebeest is around 1.2 million.
  • Zebras : Available in large numbers as well.

Apart from those mentioned above it is also home for Masai giraffes , warthogs, waterbucks, impala and many more. Carnivores include some 4000 spotted hyena, jackals , honey badger, striped hyena.

It also boost about 500 bird species, including ostrich, secretary bird, kori bustards,  crowned cranes, martial eagles, lovebirds and many species of vultures.

Why visit Serengeti?

It is the one of the world’s most celebrated wilderness areas and is an ongoing source of inspiration to writers, filmmakers and photographers. It is renowned as the site of the great annual migration when an estimated 3 million antelope  mostly wildebeest migrate to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. This seasonal journey is a deeply moving experience and a superb photographic subject. You can travel there year around, and the climate is as follows,

Summer- minimum is 24 C and maximum is 32 C

Winter – minimum is 8 C and maximum is 23 C

Long rains : April – May

Short rains : November – mid December.

Currency used there is USD and Tanzanian Shillings.

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