Can Manchester United win the treble this 2016/2017?

Manchester United remain in sixth position in the English Premiership with the title a bit far of reach considering that they are 12 points behind leaders Chelsea with 13 games left. Nevertheless ,  United will take on Southampton over the weekend in the EFL Cup final, a win in that tie means United will be having 2 trophies already after having won the Community Shield Cup at the beginning of the season. They are still in the Europa league after ousting Saint Etienne in the round of 32. Given their quality , they are quite favourates for winning the cup. In the FA cup they have ousted the championship side Blackburn Rovers and will be taking on Chelsea in the quarter final on 13 March, a win in that tie will take them to the semi final.

So from 5 trophies this season , they have won 1 and are still in four, thus a treble is much attainable to them if they maintain their current momentum. If this could happen it would be a good start to the Portuguese’s reign at the helm of United and it will be an assurance to the United faithful that the glory days gonna be back.

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