Spain : a land of diversity

Spain is a land of diversity in both it’s landscape and it’s people. Much of it is clothed with wheat fields , grapevines and olive trees. To the south , only some 14 kilometres of water separates mainland Spain from the African continent.

In one recent year , more than 68 million people visited Spain. Most come for the sunshine, the golden beaches and the country ‘s artistic, historical and architectural treasures. Spanish food also attracts many visitors. Typical fare includes seafood, cured hams, rich stews, salads and vegetables cooked or seasoned with olive oil. Mariscada is a typical seafood. Spanish omelets, paella, and tapas are renowned the world over. In recent years people from Africa , Asia and Latin America have emigrated to Spain.

From the landscape perspective , Toledo captures the historical and cultural flavor of Spain. It was designated a World Heritage site in 1986 and is a popular stop for tourists. Equally important, Spanish people are friendly and outgoing, most profess to the Roman Catholic.

For more information on where to go and some of the activities to enjoy in Spain on your next holiday  you can visit


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