Sightseeing in Capetown.

Have you ever thought of visiting the city of Capetown in South Africa , which is arguably one of the most profound places in the African continent. This city is famous for its harbour , its natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region and for its such well known landmarks like the table mountain and cape point. There are so many places to visit in Capetown and so many activities to do for leisure and recreation.

The question you may ask yourself though is, how will you be able to move around to such different places so as to enjoy your visit. Let me tell you this interesting secret, its easy to move around the city of Capetown than you could imagine. How so ? The secret is , there are so many sightseeing buses, operated by City Sightseeing South Africa , which would take you to wherever attraction you could think of. Let me dwell a bit on the options you would have when it comes to sightseeing buses .

Let me start with the most common one , the popular hop on hop off double decker red bus, it is known for being one of the easiest and enjoyable ways of getting to Cape Town ‘s top attractions. It is also renowned as a family friendly bus . It offers audio information about the journey in 15 languages and have an audio channel especially for children. For those who will be willing to climb Table mountain you can buy tickets for the cableway directly from your bus driver.

On top of that, City Sightseeing South Africa operates three other tours namely , Blue Mini Peninsula Tour, Yellow Downtown Tour and the Purple Wine Tour. All the three tours would offer commentary in 15 languages as well { english , afrikaans , arabic , french , german , dutch , italian , japanese, mandarin, potruguese, russian , spanish , swedish, turkish and zulu } and a special channel for kids. What would only differ with these tours is the tour duration.

Tickets for the tours can be bought at City Sightseeing Cape Town tour offices or online. They charge reasonable prices , one day ticket for adults is R170 {$12.90} and R 270 {$20.40} for two day ticket.

For more information about City Sightseeing Cape Town, visit the following website :

These buses offer the best way to see Cape Town and enjoying everything that the city has on offer, therefore it is the best way of moving around for both tourists and locals .

Hope this article would give you some insight on what to expect on your next visit to  Cape Town .

Good health to you



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